The Els Club at Copperleaf snatch narrow victory from Pretoria CC

20160509_172701The Els Club development league side beat PCC during the final round by two points. The league was scheduled over 8 rounds at various clubs around Pretoria. Each participating team entered 8 players of which the 6 best scores count toward the team total. Truly remarkable that the two teams were separated by such a narrow margin. (PCC held a one point lead coming into the final round)

The Development League (formerly Caddy League) has just completed its 4th year of competition. The previous 3 years teams were limited to 4 players and they had to be caddies of a club within Gauteng North. Last year after the Caddy IPT the Exec decided that we should increase the number of participants and so course staff were also invited to participate.

We also made fundamental changes to the format of the competition. In previous years the players played Individual Points from scratch. This format meant that the better players or lower handicapped players had a large advantage. This year the players played from their handicaps. Most of the players however do not have official handicaps and so we took a leaf from the NOMADS scoring system and adjusted it to our particular needs.

The inaugural event was won by Woodhill CC followed by two consecutive wins by Pretoria CC. Congratulations to the newest name on the trophy, The Els Club at Copperleaf.