Reciprocity Rates and the Rating Panel

A reciprocity rate of R 180.00 has been fixed between clubs within the Gauteng North Golf Union for the remainder of 2017.

The idea was first tabled at the Alliance Meeting in February 2017 and was then carried to the Delegates Meeting 7 March where it was also accepted by the delegates. Please note that this rate is only applicable to members of clubs who are unable to play on their home course due to official GNGU, SAGA or Sunshine tour events and or course maintenance.

The GNGU rating panel have concluded its task in measuring all the courses in Gauteng North, using the USGA slope rating. Its purpose is to have our courses conforming with international standards by 2020 when the global handicap network will be implemented. The rating panel has been granted the courtesy of revisiting clubs in order to see if suggested changes were implemented or not, at the reciprocity rate of R 180.00. This rate in only applicable to the Rating panel member himself and not to anyone he may bring along. The Rating panel member must phone the club and confirm his visit before arriving at the club, stating his intention and purpose of visit.

Members of the GNGU Rating Panel:

Botha, Evert

Breytenbach, Andre

Cripwell, Brian

de Klerk, Bertus

Goetsch, Laurie

Klaasen, Platjie

Kriel, Adrian

Noble, Peter

Paul, Barry