Player Reimbursement


The Gauteng North Golf Union Executive Committee has decided to assist in the development of players in the Union by partially reimbursing the expenses they incur when playing in National Ranking tournaments.  Reimbursements will be based on the performance achieved by players in tournaments and number of positions paid out dependent on the number of participants in the tournament.  This policy is only applicable to players affiliated to, and handicapped at Gauteng North Golf Union affiliated clubs.  Reimbursements are only applicable to National Ranking Tournaments. Should a player travel to more than one tournament on any of the away events, only one event will qualify as an away event.

All claims must be submitted to the GNGU Office within 4 weeks after completion of the tournament.  Claims must be submitted by using the prescribed form.

The policy has been revised and the new schedule is effective for tournaments from 1 August 2021.

Please download the claim form HERE

Please download the policy schedule HERE