Womens Thursday League

Please complete Women’s Thursday League result sheet for every match and forward to growgolf@gngu.co.za

Thu 2017 (updated: 09/11/2017)





Round 6 21-Sep
bye vs PCC
PCC 2 vs Slakes
Woodhill vs Woodhill 2
ICC vs Wkloof
bye vs CCC
Round 7 28-Sep
PCC vs PCC 2
Woodhill vs bye
Slakes vs ICC
Woodhill 2 vs bye
Wkloof vs CCC
Round 8 19-Oct
Woodhill vs PCC
ICC vs PCC 2
bye vs bye
CCC vs Slakes
Woodhill 2 vs Wkloof
Round 9 26-Oct
bye vs Woodhill
PCC 2 vs CCC
Wkloof vs bye
Slakes vs Woodhill 2